Law Offices of Steven R. Kuhn & Associatesis a full service personal injury and business litigation law firm located in San Juan Capistrano, California. The law firm’s practice is focused primarily on personal injury/accident matters resulting in serious injury or even death. Personal injury cases cover a broad area of law. The California laws and procedures related to personal injury law are complicated and require a skilled personal injury lawyer to properly navigate through the process.

Law Offices of Steven R. Kuhn & Associateshas built its practice on representing and fighting for the rights of accident victims in Orange County, California and the surrounding areas. With over 60 years of combined legal experience, Law Offices of Steven R. Kuhn & Associates’s lawyers have the experience and ability to provide personal injury/accident legal solutions to the residents of Southern California

In addition, Law Offices of Steven R. Kuhn & Associates have experienced attorneys who provide business litigation legal services before courts throughout California. To learn more about our full compliment of services, please contact the San Juan Capistrano, California based Law Offices of Kuhn at (877) 238 3086 for additional information related to any of the above matters or if you have suffered an injury from a matter not listed above.

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